February 2022

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LMegan Euell Will Demonstrate an Oil Still Life
February 25th via Zoom
The Art League of Nassau County welcomes Megan K. Euell in a Zoom presentation of an oil still life. The Zoom link will be sent to all members the week of the demonstration. This event is for Members Only. Please do not share the link. 
    Euell studied at a fine art aetlier on eastern Long Island before attending Savannah College of Art and Design. She graduated from SCAD Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in 2010.
She then received a three-year intensive classical fine art training in Florence, Italy, at the Florence Academy of Art, where she honed her observational drawing and painting skills, working daily from live models, as well as their extensive plaster cast collection and still life objects. Euell completed the Advanced Painting Program at Florence Academy of Art in June 2015.
    Euell teaches privately in NYC and The Hamptons during the summer, as well as running workshops in plein air painting on Long Island. Euell is a proud member of the historic Salmagundi Club of NYC, and the Portrait Society of America.  She shows her work at the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY, The Salmagundi Club, and participates frequently in group shows in NYC and Long Island. Megan is honored to be an instructor through Boldbrush, an internet-based resource of instructional videos.

Lana Privitera’s Watercolor Accepted in the American Watercolor Society 2022 Exhibition
Teatime Here, There, and Everywhere, a watercolor work by our January demonstrator, Lana Privitera, was accepted into the 2022 American Watercolor Society exhibition. Congratulations, Lana.
      Lana will be teaching a live online workshop February 24 and 25, 10-02PM (EST). The workshop will offer 8 hours of live demonstration plus access to videos of the completed project. The workshop is priced at $80.00. For registration and information contact Lana at

Art League of Nassau County Board of  Directors Election
     Election for the ALNC Board of Directors is scheduled for this coming April. In the election, members will vote on our League's President, First, Second and Third Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. Tim Savage is chairman of a nominating committee preparing slates of candidates for these positions. A slate of candidates will be presented to the membership in March. Please contact Tim at if you would like to be added to the slate of officers offered to the membership for election.
As a long-time board member, I can testify to the benefits one can experience through serving on the board. This holds true for the elected positions listed above, and the committee heads responsible for many of the services that ALNC offers its members. Along with all of the friends I have made by participating on the board, I feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing I've given back to an organization that has done so much for me. Our League can function only through the active guidance and work of its board. I encourage you to volunteer for work on the board. If you have questions about responsibilities involved in a board position, please email Tim at

President’s Message 
February 2022
    This past week I have been taking an intensive, online watercolor class with Vlad Yeliseyev, hosted by Cheap Joe’s. It brought back so many emotions I had put aside… how much I miss working on large watercolor paintings with a teacher for support—we did three paint-along paintings, not quite the same thing;  how much I miss interaction with fellow artists while in class—there was none as we were all muted; and how much I missed the chance to step away from my painting—there were two ten-minute breaks in four hours with enough time to change my water and use the bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great experience. I just miss my pre-COVID art classes where we were young and carefree with plenty of time and opportunity in front of us to develop our art. We aren’t there, we are here, in the middle of the 4th COVID surge, dealing now with Omicron. Do we sit back and take it? NO!  At the Art League of Nassau County, we face the challenge head on.  
    We, all of us members at the Art League of Nassau County, surge ahead. We change tactics and move forward positively. Live Member Exhibitions are back, alas with Receptions still on hold—next one in March. No longer are Exhibitions virtual.  We have live Workshops for you to attend—next one in March with Megan Euell.  General Meetings meet with live Demonstrations at Clinton G. Martin Park in New Hyde Park (except for January and February where meetings will be held on Zoom while anticipating inclement winter weather, not COVID).  We are making progress and planning for our more-normal future. 
    Stay involved. Participate by attending. Enter our art shows. Come to the demonstrations, even on Zoom. Visit the new website. Write an article for the newsletter on how you have coped, what art you have been doing during these strange times. We are all interested, having had similar experiences. We’d love to hear from you.  
    After the holidays and some much needed down time, the Art League’s Board of Directors is up and running at full steam. Stay tuned for what is coming. New events are always on the horizon at The Art League of Nassau County—YOUR art league.



Member Show
Plainview Old Westbury Library

Registration: Deadline for registration is February 20th. No late entries will be accepted. Open to full members only. Membership dues must be paid for entry.

Receiving: Monday February 28th, from 10am to 12pm at the Plainview Old Bethpage Library

Entry Fee: $20. Only one artwork accepted. NO REFUNDS.
Exhibition dates: Tuesday, March 1 through March 31
Removal: Thursday, March 31, 10am to 1pm

For more information, Prospectus and Payment portal, visit the Exhibition page on the League’s website,  
Additional exhibition opportunities for ALNC members
ALNC members will have the opportunity to show their work at the Barnes Gallery for a summer show. Our fall membership exposition will take place at the Freeport Library, September 30th through October 30th.

A Note On ALNC’s Exhibition Memorial Awards
The Dan Slapo Memorial Award of Excellence
    Dan Slapo was a devoted member of the Art League of Nassau County. He served as President of the Art League from 1985 to 1987, then spent twenty years as chair of Programs. Dan’s life mission was instruction in representational fine art, and as Program chair he was responsible for bringing generations of brilliant artists to the League’s monthly meetings.

  Dan Slapo was recognized by the Pastel Society of America as a Master Pastelist, and was a PSA Hall of Fame Honoree in 2013. His work was published in numerous magazines, including Pastel Journal where he won First Prize in Portraiture beating 1400 other artists. Dan won over 200 prestigious awards in National and International competitions.
  Dan was The Art League honored Dan at our Holiday Dinner in 2013 for his dedication to art, to his students, and to the Art League of Nassau County.

Jacqueline Weyn Memorial Award, Best In Show 
    Few members of our Art League have made as positive an impact as our long time First Vice President, Jackie Weyn. As chairperson for Exhibitions, Jackie, for countless seasons, managed the team that scouted out interesting and sometimes elegant venues for our shows. Extraordinarily memorable spaces included Lincoln Center and Lever House in Manhattan.

  Jackie was a most accomplished watercolorist. Many members were introduced to our League through watercolor painting classes that Jackie held in her basement studio. Our richness is in our talented painter members, a resource that exists in large part through Jackie’s influence.
  Along with her talent as an artist, Jackie has steadfastly stood for excellence in art and in her respect for the traditions of the Art League of Nassau County.  This Award is given to an outstanding artist who exemplifies those attributes.

Spring Workshop With Megan K. Euell
Save the date! March 27, 2022. ALNC’s spring workshop will feature one of our area’s premier fine artists, Megan K. Euell. Megan is a classically trained artist. She has a BFA degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and completed an intensive program in fine art in Florence Italy. She is a member of the Salmagundi Club and the Portrait Society of America.
    The workshop will be will be geared towards oil, water-based oil, pencil, or charcoal. Visit the League website at for details and sign-up information.

For more information about Megan, visit her website at

Vivian Hershfield, Artist of the Month
Vivian Hershfield writes “I always wanted to be an artist. Art for me has been an escape into a wonderful place. I enjoy painting a wide variety of subjects, from landscapes to portraits. I paint in oil, pastel and watercolor. My experience in fine art has been a pleasure from start to finish, bringing me wonderful friends. We’ve traveled together on painting excursions to Europe and sites in the US. It’s been an adventure that I am truly grateful for.”


The Dior Exhibition At the Brooklyn Museum

By Vivian Hershfield
  Last month I went with 2 friends to the Brooklyn Museum of Art to see the Dior exhibit.  I had heard that the exhibition was fabulous. After seeing the exhibition at the Museum I would have to agree with that sentiment.  
  The Dior exhibition took up a whole floor. We saw fashion videos dating from the 1950’s to today.  I was amazed with the Vogue Magazine photos of Dior’s work.  We saw room after room of dresses. They had notes filled with ideas for dresses, patterns and possible fabrics. We were there for an hour and a half. I have seen other fashion exhibits, notably at the Met, and feel the Dior exhibition is one of the best. I highly recommend the Dior exhibition.


Artist’s Response to Climate Change

By Tim Savage

    The Sierra Club, New York City chapter, presented a virtual evening’s discussion of climate change and the arts. The program, entitled “Artists Speak on Climate”, presented 5 artists whose work communicates important issues in our changing climate. Additionally, Miranda Massie, director of The Climate Museum, presented her new institution to the audience.

  The artists discussed in the program, approached their communications in radically different ways. As artists, it is important to consider different ways of expressing ourselves.
Non-representational art can appear meaningless to those of us steeped in traditional painting. I found it worthwhile to learn about the artists and their use of non-traditional forms of art to express their takes on the issues revolving around climate change.

  Benjamin Von Wong communicates environmental issues in unique and exciting ways. One installation, “Turn Off the Plastic Tap”, consists of a 40-foot-tall sculpture constructed out of plastic waste. The sculpture takes the form of a faucet, deluging the surface below with cast off plastic. His work is symbolic of the torrent of plastic waste drowning our planet. Check out the YouTube video, it’s fun and fascinating. It was enlightening to see this artist’s novel approach to communication.
  Eve Mosher highlighted the effects of rising sea levels by drawing a chalk line around New York City at the level the city will experience with the projected sea level rise of 10 feet.

  Justin Brice Guerriglia creates illuminated highway signs with poignant messages about the environmental effects of climate change. His work takes a familiar form of communication and uses it to tell a compelling story.

  Clinton Nania uses sculpture to tell us about the effects of climate change on the lives of marginalized communities.

  Zaria Foreman creates monumental sized pastel paintings of the ice fields of the far north and the coasts of low-lying island nations facing catastrophic consequences of sea level rise. Her work accentuates the positive. The pastels of icebergs in the arctic ocean are hauntingly beautiful. The paintings are super realistic yet have a meaningly resonant impact with the viewer far different than a photograph.

  The Climate Museum is an attempt at communicating environment issues in engaging ways to a broad section of the public. The institution’s mission is stated as “… to inspire action on the climate crisis with programming across the arts and sciences that deepens understanding, builds connections, and advances just solutions.” The museum sponsors events such as child centered drawing events.
  In all, the evening was an enlightening look at new and innovative artistic approaches to subjects of vital importance to our future.


ALNC Artists Winners in the NAL Student Show
Art League of Nassau County artists never stop learning. In a tribute to their talent, a number of our artists won awards in the Student Show.  

The Suburban Art League
  The Suburban Art League will host area artist Charles Van Horne for a demonstration March 1st at the Syosset-Woodbury Community Center. The demonstration is scheduled for 8PM. The Suburban Art League hosts monthly painting demonstrations at the Syosset Community Center at 7800 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, meeting the first Tuesday of each month (except July and August).
  SAL will be hosting a tribute to long time ALNC member and SAL president, Tony La Marca. Contact SAL president Lisa Corradi at for details.
  Visit the SAL website for more information.

ana Privitera Will Demonstrate a Watercolor Still Life via Zoom

January 24th, 7-10 PM, via Zoom

Lana Privitera graduated in 1983 from the Fine Arts School of Zaragoza, Spain, where she majored in Fashion Design and Art History. After working in Advertising, she moved to the USA in the early 1990s. Mrs. Privitera returned to painting and art competitions full time in 2014, specializing in detailed watercolor still lifes. 

Mrs. Privitera’s paintings have gathered a long list of awards in watercolor competitions, both nationally and internationally. Her watercolors have participated in exhibits and invitationals in Dubai, Greece, Spain, Uruguay, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada and Russia. Her work has been featured in diverse art publications in the USA and abroad.

She is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, the North East Watercolor Society, the Central NY Watercolor Society and the Philadelphia Watercolor Society.

Mrs. Privitera is an art instructor, offering Online Workshops and Demos.

For a selection of free short video tutorials, visit her YouTube Channel at Her Facebook page is on view at

President’s Message
January 2022
By Suzanne McVetty
It’s December, but I’m already thinking about January, the start of 2022 and The Art League of Nassau County. In this newsletter you’ll read about the events we have in store for you: Zoom and live demonstrations, live workshops, and spring exhibitions. We hope you will partake in these art offerings, intended to delight, inform, and stimulate your artistic juices. Mine are already bubbling over.

If you love Alice in Wonderland, then going down a rabbit hole might conjure excitement and curiosity. I am accompanied by my computer to where my mind leads me in my quest to be a better artist and to express myself creatively. Having the big world of art at my fingertips is stimulating. Time slips by as I follow one lead or link to another, from an idea to an artist, to an article, to a video, to a blog, to a book, and on and on.

Recently I came upon “bullet journal,” a phrase casually mentioned in an artist’s blog. The artist hadn’t ordered her bullet journal yet and there was no link and no explanation of the words. So, I googled it and a whole new world opened before me. I bet you have had similar experiences.

I let myself wander around the internet with abandon, seeing what BuJo (Bullet Journal) was all about. I listened to an interview with Ryder Carroll, the founder of the idea. I bought and read his book, purchased my own Bullet Journal (Leuchtturm1917), and started organizing my daily life by keeping all my projects in one place. They were now out of my head, where I was struggling to keep them, and onto the pages in the journal, where I could add to them at any time and never lose a thought. That lead me to Sketchnotes and another wonderful journey began.

Will you start to follow one of our demonstration artists who inspire you? Will you visit their website, read their blog, follow their favorite artists, read a book they suggest, or buy an art supply they love? Will you try a suggestion they make as they teach us to be better artists? You can be as involved as you like with The Art League of Nassau County, and be as engaged as your imagination and time allows. You may find yourself inspired to be more involved with the League, in big or small ways. There are infinite ways to support your Art League. It is YOURS and I’m here for you:

Membership News

Tim Savage completed a 3-session remote learning class in holiday card calligraphy for the Queens Public Library. The sessions were free of charge and did require pre-registration. Students were introduced step by step and letter by letter into Chancery Cursive, a classic hand drawn type face. At the end of session 3, we created hand lettered holiday cards.

A multi-session watercolor class through the Library is scheduled for the Spring.  

Painting for the Holidays
By Tim Savage

Year-end holidays are an opportunity for me to connect with friends and family through art my work. For the past 50 years I have hand drawn my holiday cards and mailed the originals to those near and dear to me. I mail cards to business associates and anyone else who has caught my attention during the year. The experience is rewarding for me. Friends appreciate the 3 1/2” X 6” small work originals, and often save them. I feel an intimate connection to the people I’m creating the art work for. I love to paint, and the enjoyment I feel in creating the work far outweighs the many hours of labor involved.

This year I did Santa and a snow scene. Other years I painted doves, various forms of landscapes and penguins. I did a take on “Joy to the World”, combining the text with a view of Manhattan as seen from my 5th floor window. I’ve done series of oil paintings. I created silk screen cards. In my first year out of college, I sent a photo print of my wife and myself sitting on a lawn at Machu Picchu. One year I painted abstracts formed from powered pastels mixed with water.

Of late I have gravitated towards watercolor combined with pen & ink. I love the spontaneity that loose watercolor and fountain pen provide.

How do I produce the watercolors, create the cards, handwrite the addresses and keep track of who received what piece? First, I make a recipients list. Then I take a sheet of Arches watercolor paper and rule it into units. I start painting. These are spontaneous, almost automatic renderings. I do the images in steps, doing the pen and ink on all of them, then the Crimson Santa suit, then the face color tone etc. I often find the result to be profoundly satisfying. Out of a series of random decisions like how to paint Santa’s mouth and eyebrows, expressions emerge.

Creating the card is a simple matter of folding and cutting a piece of bond paper. I use the opportunity to write personal letters to some of my friends, with others its just a holiday note. This year I sent out around 90 pieces, having started after Thanksgiving and completing them the week before Christmas.  

This isn’t an exercise for everyone, but I will say from experience that the impression created by a giving a friend or loved one piece of your artwork will be profoundly positive. Give it a try.

Exhibition Notes

By Suzanne McVetty, President

The Art League realizes that many of our members are not aware of the delicate and complicated arrangement we have with the gallery spaces and libraries where we exhibit our work. It is important that all of our members read and understand the following information from the Exhibition Committee about our exhibitions.

We know that life often gets in the way and our plans change, often without notice. If the time for Receiving or Removal of art work is impossible for a member, we can help you make arrangements to either have someone bring your painting to the exhibition site or take your painting home after the show. We simply need advance warning.

The Exhibition Director makes arrangements with the gallery space a few years ahead of time. All is in motion long before we announce the Exhibition to our members. As President, I sign a contract with the gallery/library regarding their rules for the date, time, and how the paintings will be hung and removed. This is a very detailed arrangement that the site insists upon, often with staff being assigned to our event. It is their policy, and ours, that art work is not removed before the end of the show. This is announced to our members well in advance. A reminder of this policy is printed in on the Exhibition Prospectus.
By removing art work ahead of time, you are jeopardizing our relationship with the library and compromising our ability to have future show in their facility.

We appreciate all members complying with this policy. Please know that we can assist you if you have a problem adhering to the dates and times. We are here to help each other.

Spring Membership Show
It’s time to get painting! Our Spring Membership Exhibition will take place this March at The Plainview/Old Bethpage library.
Save these dates:
Receiving/installation: Monday, February 28th 10AM to 2PM
Exhibition: March 1st through March 31
Removal: Thursday, March 31, between 10AM and 2PM

Detailed information and a prospectus will be soon be posted on the League website.

A Visit to David Peikon’s Studio
An intrepid three from the Art League traveled out east to visit the studio of ALNC demonstrator and workshop teacher, David Peikon. David gave Linda Shedlock, and Janine Ferranti a tour of his workspace. The visit was an opportunity to get an intimate look at the methods and motivations of a significant local artist.

Spring Workshop with Megan K. Euell
Save the date! March 27, 2022. ALNC’s spring workshop will feature one of our area’s premier fine artists, Megan K. Euell. Megan is a classically trained artist. She has a BFA degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and completed an intensive three-year program in fine art in Florence Italy. She is a member of the Salmagundi Club and the Portrait Society of America.

The workshop will be geared towards charcoal, oil and acrylic artists. Watch the League website for details and sign-up information.

For more information about Megan, visit her website at

For Your Art Information
An internet-based art service organization, has come to our attention, and we are taking the opportunity to inform our membership about its services. Please note that the League as an organization does not participate in Artorful and does not endorse its use.

Artorful provides the services of posting your artwork and making it available for sale. Its service is free. In addition, the site’s goal is to create an artist’s agora, a  marketplace where artists can exhibit their work and socialize. The site takes no commission on sales. League members who use the site are quite enthusiastic about it. For more information, visit