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November 19, 2021   via Zoom from 7:00-10PM


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Dominique is a figurative painter and teacher. She has exhibited internationally, and received many awards from The Portrait Society of America, Art Renewal Center, Oil Painters of America, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club among others. Her work is displayed in many private collections throughout the US and Europe, Dominique's passion for painting is matched by her love of teaching. If you enjoy this demo you may like to take an online class with Dominique.

Quick Sketch with a Limited Palette

Great paintings have that rare balance of skill and spontaneity. Learning to see the big shapes, values and colors in a simple way is what makes the painting process so exciting. During the demo Dominique will break down the process of painting into clear steps and explain the process as she paints. She will be using a limited palette and will talk about color mixing and the 4 main aspects of the portrait: Proportion, Value, Color, and Edge as she works. The goal is to capture a likeness within an hour and a half. 


Online Classes:

Friday October 28, Live at Clinton G Martin Community Center

David Peikon

A painter of floral landscape, botanic studies, and portraits, David Peikon was vice-president of a New Jersey based printing company but changed his career to fine artist in 1996. He has had paintings published in McDougal Littell textbooks titled "The Language of Literature," 6th and 8th grade editions. He has had many portrait commissions including William F. Buckley, Jr.; Dr. James D. Watson, Nobel Laureate for DNA; Judge William Tierney, Boston ,MA; and Dr. Mercer Neale, Headmaster, Boys Latin School, Baltimore , MD

Peikon has traveled widely for subject matter including to Claude Monet's garden in Giverny where he took photographs from which he made ten 48 x 60" paintings. In 1998, he had a solo exhibition.


Friday September 17, 2021 Live at Clinton G Martin Community Center

Lorraine Rimmelin

Lorraine Rimmelin is a New York based artist residing on the South Shore of Long Island in Mastic Beach.
Lorraine uses an explosion of colors and shapes to capture the likeness of flowers, animals and landscapes. She finds juxtapositions in groups of flowers or in the shapes of a sunrise. She then captures the essence of these images as she develops her paintings.
Lorraine is a signature member of the North East Watercolor Society. She has had her watercolor paintings displayed in several prestigious galleries including a one woman show in the Windows Gallery in New York City which showcased her ‘Blood Flowers” collection
She is a much sought after educator who has a friendly & easy style of sharing her watercolor skills in the classroom. If interested in inviting Lorraine to teach a workshop for your group contact her at

Friday May 21, 2021 7PM

Kevin McEvoy will demonstrate a Live Portrait.

Join the Art League for another in this season’s virtual demonstrations of fine art. This one is a portrait demonstration by Kevin McEvoy.

“In an age of lockdowns and turmoil,” Kevin writes, “I often hear how people struggle with the meaningless of life, and people will relay to me a certain sense of estrangement between themselves and the world around them. But I would maintain that life is brimming with meaning, and though not entirely knowable, this world is here for me to explore, as metaphor, rich beyond what a thousand lifetimes can absorb. Outside the window of my studio in the dead of winter, the delighted chirp of robins feasting on the bright red berries of a holly tree- this speaks to me. The way that my son’s lower eyelids raise and eclipse his eyes when he is puzzled- this speaks to me. The whimsical corkscrew tail and iridescent color of a Wilson’s Bird of Paradise- this speaks to me.

And if it is so, that this world is brimming with meaning, then art is the way in which nature and I converse, and painting is the conduit whereby these things enter into me, and the means by which I invite others to witness this dialogue. “A man’s power to connect his thought with its proper symbol, and so to utter it, depends on the simplicity of his character, that is, upon his love of truth and his desire to communicate it without loss.” And so, my many years of training at the oldest active atelier in Europe, the Charles Cecil Studios of Florence, Italy, and my many years of work at the craft of drawing and painting, are merely my attempts to admire, understand, and convey the wonder of the world around me, by the simplest of means.

I look forward to painting a portrait of my son Evan, and to answering viewer’s questions about my painting process.”

For more information about Kevin McEvoy, visit the following links.
– subscription based online platform for learning how to draw and paint
Facebook Kevin McEvoy
Instagram: @KevinMcEvoyArtist

Friday April 23, 2021 7PM

Paul Bachem will paint a landscape in oil

This April 23rd the League will continue with is Zoom presentations, hosting Paul Bachem in a virtual demonstration of landscape painting in oils. This visit with Art League membership is a return trip for Paul. I was fortunate to attend one of his in-person demonstrations for us several years ago, and, as the winner of the meeting’s raffle, came away with a beautiful demonstration piece.

Paul Bachem specializes in plain air landscape painting. In a recent article in The Art Edge critic Brian Sherwin, commented " Paul Bachem has an eye for capturing the charming essence of daily life. His work is a testament to the joy one can discover simply by observing daily scenes that may otherwise be taken for granted in our fast-paced world. His painterly works are marked by a lovely use of texture... revealing the peculiar beauty of lush rural fields and quaint town settings.”

Paul is passionate about painting landscapes and seascapes from nature. His oil paintings and limited edition Giclee prints are in numerous private collections both in the United States and worldwide.

In his website bio, Paul states ”From the first time I painted out doors right up until I packed my gear after todays painting session, I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty. I am never happier than when I am painting from nature. Never!"

To learn more about Paul Bachem and view a number of his paintings visit his website at

Friday March 26, 2021,  7PM

Steve Lampansona   will showcase his drawing in pencil. 

The Art League welcomes Steve Lampasona for an evening of portrait fine artistry. For this March’s virtual demonstration, Steve will demonstrate in graphite. To see more of Steve’s portraits, visit

Steve has built a reputation as one of Long Island’s most accomplished realist artists. He prides himself in being a builder. Proficient in a variety of mediums, he has done a number of corporate and residential installations combining 2 and 3 dimensional design. He opened his own school in 2013, The Artist’s Studio, located on the grounds of the Muttontown preserve and the Chelsea Mansion in East Norwich, NY.

Steve has been teaching in New York City and Long Island for over 30 years.
He was an adjunct Professor at Suffolk County Community College and an instructor at the Nassau County Museum of Fine Art and the Art League of Long Island. He has exhibited in NYC at O.K.Harris and Gallery Henoch, and is represented by the Capricorn Gallery in Washington DC.

Friday February 26, 2021, 7:30 PM Via Zoom

Pastel master Lana Ballot will paint a seascape in pastel.

Our virtual Zoom demonstration series continues this month, with a return visit by Lana Ballot. In her first visit to ALNC, Lana demonstrated a colorful pastel of a dune. In our Zoom demonstration this month Lana will demonstrate painting a seascape with pastels.

“Painting water is never easy,” Lana said, “painting constantly moving water is even more difficult. I’ll show how I create a dynamic composition that makes the waves look more natural, and creates the illusion of movement. I’ll demonstrate the use of different elements of a seascape to create more depth in a painting, giving the composition a more realistic look.”

Lana Ballot is a professional artist and pastel painting instructor, living on Long Island, NY. In addition to her local Plein air and studio classes, she travels to teach pastel workshops throughout the United States and internationally. Recently she has been teaching online classes and workshops.

Lana Ballot is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, a member of the IAPS Master Circle and a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists. Confident and expressive use of color and painterly mark making, are characteristic of Lana’s work.



Friday January 22, 7PM

Yana Golikova will demonstrate a pastel portrait via Zoom.





We're off to a smashing start, kicking off our new year with one of the representational art world's premier practitioners, Yana Golikova. On Friday January 22, we'll welcome back Yana for a pet portrait demonstration in pastel.

In this year of the pandemic, live in person art demonstrations have been up ended. A practical solution, demonstrations using video technology, have enabled the ALNC and art leagues across the  world to maintain their connection using this vital teaching tool. One upside for ALNC has been to realize demonstrations and workshops with artists across the country. Yana will be joining us from Los Angeles!

Yana specializes in representational oil painting. Her primary subject is still life, but her work also includes figure, portraiture and landscapes. She paints mostly from life and live models. Yana regularly participates in exhibitions and competitions, where her work has garnered awards. Her formal art training is from the Art Students League of NY. She is a member of the American Artists Professional League and the National Art League. Her work can be found in numerous private collections in the US and abroad.

To learn more, visit her website at

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