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Marc Josloff:

Coming soon: Wednesdays in October
Watercolor Workshop: “Unlocking the Value of Values”
Art Guild at Elderfields Preserve
Watch for details:

Coming soon: “Putting the Art into Photography”
The Art Guild at Elderfields Preserve. Details soon on website:







Older Artists Group

 Founded by Barney Davey, who is a marketing strategist and has written several books on the subject.  It is a free website for older artists.  The group is about celebrating being an older artist creating in various forms. 
The age range of artists that join are usually between 50 on into their 80’s. Some have been lifelong artists and many just beginning, but no matter which end of the spectrum you are at, you will enjoy the creations.  It’s a place to visit to see what is happening in our “world.”


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