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Marc Josloff:

Coming soon: Wednesdays in March:
Watercolor Workshop: “Unlocking the Value of Values”
Art Guild at Elderfields Preserve
Watch for details:

Coming soon: “Putting the Art into Photography”
The Art Guild at Elderfields Preserve. Details soon on website:










October 1 through October 29 Registration by Phone: Through the Barnes Gallery owner, Greg Schnoor at 516-538-4503.

Limited to the first 60 artists who register.

The phone-in registration begins August 1st thru September 15th. Each artist is required to provide a title for their artwork and a short biography to the Barnes Gallery before September 25th.

Eligibility: One piece per artist. Original work only in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Graphics, Pastel, Mixed Media, Photography & Sculpture Artwork no larger than 20 x 24 plus frame. Have your art ready for hanging and wired from one side of the frame to the other. Sculptors must bring their own sturdy stand. No collage or computer generated artwork. All subjects are accepted, including tasteful nudes. Work should be priced for sale.


Show Dates: October 1st through October 29th, 2022 Receiving: Drop off artwork from Saturday, September 24th until Saturday, September 29th, 10:00am – 5:00pm. (The Gallery is closed on Sunday and Monday.) Removal / Pick-up: From October 29th to November 5th, 10:00am – 5:00pm (Gallery is closed on Sun. & Mon.)


Entry Fee: $15 After registering by phone with Barnes Gallery, please send your entry fee form (found below) and your check, made out to SUBURBAN ART LEAGUE, to: Teresa Guttadauria, SAL Treasurer, 109 Alhambra Road, Massapequa. 11758

The Deadline is September 25th. Sales: Barnes Gallery receives a 20% commission on all art sold.

Barnes Gallery gives all exhibiting artists a 20% discount on custom framing and framing materials.


ATTACH TO FRONT OF ARTWORK Artist: Address: Phone # Title: Framed Size: Medium: Price:__________ __________________________________ MAIL WITH ENTRY FEE Artist: Address: Phone # Title: Framed Size: Medium: Price:___________ I Acknowledge that I have been notified that I should carry my own insurance to be protected against loss, damage, or theft of my artwork. Neither The Suburban Art League nor the Barnes Gallery will be held liable for loss or damage to submitted artwork however caused. I also agree to permit SAL and Barnes to post digital images of the artists and their submitted art work, member’s names, awards won and what town they live in for purposes of publicity online and in print. Entry into this show constitutes agreement with the above acknowledge that I have been notified that I should carry my own insurance to be protected against loss, damage, or theft of my artwork. Signed_________________________________ Date _______________________ Artist’s Receipt: Barnes Gallery Show Keep this for your reference Name:______________________________________ Title:_______________________________________

Older Artists Group

 Founded by Barney Davey, who is a marketing strategist and has written several books on the subject.  It is a free website for older artists.  The group is about celebrating being an older artist creating in various forms. 
The age range of artists that join are usually between 50 on into their 80’s. Some have been lifelong artists and many just beginning, but no matter which end of the spectrum you are at, you will enjoy the creations.  It’s a place to visit to see what is happening in our “world.”


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Surburban Art Leagues Events

June 7th Demo at the Woodbury Community Center 8PM  given by Marie Sheedy Walker

August 2nd  at Woodbury Community Center  8PM   Procreate Tutorial by Nancy Wernersbach

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