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Art League of Nassau County Membership Art Exhibit,

South Huntington Library

145 Pidgeon Hill Rd, Huntington Station, NY 11746


May 1st  till  June 29th


Entry Form & Payment

Submission of Entry and Payment will constitute agreementto all Rules. Please read ALL the Information.

                                                       Only 30 paintings can be submitted 


  • Deadline   for Entries 4/12/2024  or when 30 paintings are submitted 

  • Open to Full Members Only.

  • Membership Dues must be paid in full to enter.


  5/3/2024  Artist's Bio is requested at drop-off.

Entry Fee:

  • $20.   Only one artwork accepted.  (NO REFUNDS) 

  • Membership MUST be Paid to Date!

  • Payment by credit card or send a check made out to ALNC to Virginia Edele, 179 Wardwell Rd.  Mineola, NY 11501

Eligibility: Work not meeting these requirements will not be accepted.

  • Original artwork only - The submission should not copy artwork or photographs by others or from the Internet.  Artwork is considered original when it reflects your photos, imagination, life or combining many other sources in a new way.  See below for more information.

  • Media accepted: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Graphics, Pastel & Mixed Media.

  • No: Nudes, Collage, Computer-generated artwork or wet canvases ACCEPTED.

  • Work previously shown in other ALNC exhibits is ineligible. 

  • Entries must be sturdily framed, wired (from one side of the frame to the other) and ready for hanging. No saw-tooth hangers.

  • Wrap-around canvas now accepted with condition that sides are finished. Canvas must be secure where hardware is hidden. See complete "wrap-around" specifications below.

  • Maximum size must not exceed 30" in any direction including frame. Please measure to the outside edges of the frame.

Pricing: Work may be priced for sale or NFS (Not for Sale). No POR's (Price on Request). If there is an inquiry concerning the purchase of your artwork, we will give the prospective buyer your phone number.

Awards and Prizes: Judged Awards receive monetary prize & certificates.

  • Jaqueline Weyn Memorial Award Best in Show

  • Dan Slapo Memorial Award of Excellence

  • Merit Awards

  • Honorable Mention Awards

Reception: Awards and Reception : Saturday 5/11/2024   2-4pm

Refreshments will be served.  Watercolor demonstration by Tim Savage   2:30-3:30pm

Judge  Paul Elsen



Removal:  6/29/2024  10AM-12pM

 All artwork must be picked up on time. There are no storage facilities on the premises.  Work not picked up on time:  Artist will be charged $5 per day for Exhibition Volunteers to hold artist's work.  NO WORK MAY BE REMOVED PRIOR TO THE END OF THE SHOW.

Chairpersons: Teresa Idelowitz 516-524-8260  ;  Vivian Hershfield 917-972-4706

Viewing:   Exhibition is in lower level.    Check with the Library in case programs are in session.

Exhibition Waiver

Submission of Entry and Payment will constitute agreement​.

I acknowledge that I have been notified that I should carry my own insurance to be protected against loss, damage, or theft of my artwork. Neither the Art League of Nassau County (ALNC) nor any exhibition site will be held liable for loss or damage to submitted artwork however caused.

 I agree to permit ALNC to post digital images of the artists and their submitted art work, members  names, awards won and what town they live in for purposes of publicity online and in print. Entry into  this show constitutes agreement with the above.

 Gallery Wrap Standards   

  • The Canvas is stretched around the wooden frame, which is at least 2 1/4 inches deep (Gallery Panel).

  • The sides of the canvas are primed the same as the front, allowing the canvas to be presentable without a frame OR the picture is painted around all sides. The sides MUST be finished.

  • The canvas is secured in the back where the hardware (staples, tacks, etc.) is hidden.    


Original Art:      

In our prospectus for our Member Shows the Art League of Nassau County requires all art work to be original in nature. But what exactly does original mean and why is it important?


An artwork is original when it is the artist’s idea, executed and designed by the artist. This means, if copied and taken from a photo, the artist took the photo. It cannot be from something on the Internet, a photo in a calendar, or another person’s photo. While they are beautiful photos, they are not our photos. The design is not ours. 


If the artwork is created in class, the painting needs be the artist’s work, not from the teacher’s example or step-by-step instruction, or from the teacher’s photo. While in our own shows we can display a painting from another person’s photo (with the understanding we give the photographer credit in our description), or copy another artists and give them credit for their work. This is never acceptable in a juried show and not in the Art League of Nassau County Members’ Exhibitions. 


The design of the painting—the composition, is as important as the execution of the paint or pencil. Not only is a judge looking for how well the artwork is painted, how well it is drawn, but how well it is designed. The design is what holds the artwork together, it is the foundation of the painting. The composition is what draws the viewer’s attention from across the room, more so than how well it is painted. 


It isn’t enough to take someone else’s image and “make it our own.” It needs to be our own from start to finish.


Removal of Artwork:  

At the Art League of Nassau County, we know that life often gets in the way and our plans change, often without notice. If the time for Receiving or Removal of art work is impossible for a member, we can help you make arrangements to either have someone bring your painting to the exhibition site or take your painting home after the show. We simply need advance warning. We realize many of our members are not aware of the delicate and complicated arrangement we have with the gallery space/library.


The Exhibition Director makes arrangements with the gallery space a few years ahead of time. All is in motion long before we announce the Exhibition to our members. As President, I sign a contract with the gallery/library regarding their rules for the date, time, and how the paintings will be hung and removed. This is a very detailed arrangement that the site insists upon, often with staff being assigned to our event. It is their policy, and ours, that art work is not removed before the end of the show, which is announced to our members well in advance. A reminder of this policy is printed in on the Exhibition Prospectus. By removing art work ahead of time, we are jeopardizing our relationship with the library and compromising our ability to have future show in their facility.


We appreciate all members complying with this policy. Please know that we can assist you if you have a problem adhering to the dates and times. We are here to help each other. 

Exhibition Entry Form & Payment 
& Painting Label click below
Submission of Entry and Payment will constitute agreement​ to all Rules. 

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