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Get on board the Inktober ink drawing phenomenon!

Artists all over the world take up the challenge to create 

one ink drawing a day.  31 days, 31 drawings. Check out the Inktober website for more cool information about this fun activity.


Here’s how ALNC is organizing Inktober for our membership:

1] Make a drawing in ink (use pencil for your under drawing, if you like)
2] Post it on your favorite social media outlet, or…
3] Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2020 on Instagram.
4] Send it to the League at
5] Repeat

We’ll put it up on our website.

For a pdf explanation of the program, click here.

Stay tuned to see what our membership is doing.


Janine Ferranti

Ink SMV1.jpg

Suzanne McVetty

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