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President’s Message


Thoughts on the End of Summer

Vivian Hershfield, President


I don't mind that summer is winding down. It was raining this past weekend, and I was in the mood to paint. It’s always difficult for me to start a painting. That day I felt determined and did a watercolor quick sketch and a pastel. The watercolor was inspired by Cindy Briggs. The pastel is a homework assignment from Lana Ballot's zoom class.


I like to listen to classical music or an audible book while I paint. I know some people find noise distracting, but for me it works. I’m fortunate that my studio is in the basement, so I don't have to clean up, but I do need to cover my paints and pastels, because my cats might lick them. My Siamese cat, Sukii is incredibly curious, and one day I saw him with a blue tongue!


I hope we are all getting back to painting and taking classes.


If anyone has any work they would like to share, send it to me for our Facebook page or to Tim for the newsletter.


Happy Painting.

Vivian Hershfield


Bill Graf Will Demonstrate an Oil Landscape


7PM October 27th, in-person at the Clinton G Martin Recreation Center


On October 27th the League will welcome back Bill Graf for an in-person demonstration of an oil landscape.

Bill Graf is a noted teacher of fine art on Long Island. His teaching venues are the Atelier at Flowerfield, Art League of Long Island and the National Art League, in Douglaston.

Bill graduated from SUNY Farmingdale in advertising and graphic design. He went on to study drawing and fine art at the Arts Student League in New York City. After finishing his studies, one summer Bill was asked by one of his instructors, Jack Faragasso, to return to the ASL to teach his painting class for one month. His teaching skills were encouraged by his students who asked if he would be continuing with his own class at the League.

An opportunity arose for Bill to increase his skills in Florence, Italy at the Cecil Graves Studio, where he studied Old Masters Painting and Drawing under Charles Cecil and Dan Graves.

Returning to New York City, Bill embarked on a career as an Art Director. Soon illustration became his main source of work. So began his freelance career. He developed well-known publishing clients like Doubleday Books and Thomas Nelson. Hils major account was Harlequin Enterprises, known world-wide for their romance book series. Bill is also active in painting children’s books.

Bill has kept true to his fine art training by accepting portrait commissions. He works on private and public mural projects. He painted a mural in the museum of American History in Washington DC, depicting scenes from Theodore Roosevelt’s time in the White House.

ALNC Fall exhibition, Locust Valley Library


Our Fall Membership Show is up at the Locust Valley Library. Over 30 beautiful works of art adorn the library walls.

The League’s thanks go out to Terri Idelowitz and the exhibition volunteers who make shows like this possible. Terri, Vivian and Janine helped with hanging. Silvia Rey and Cathy Hammerquist managed receiving. Ann Tountas helped assemble the hanging equipment.

Our judge was Patti Mollica.

Our reception is next Sunday 10/08 at the library, 2-4 PM. Take a trip out to Locust Valley and take in the show.

Best in Show: Claudia Bedel, Oil, Venice 2

Award of Excellence: Young Chi, Oil, Rose Garden at Old Westbury Garden Golf Club

Merit Award: Silvia Rey, Oil, River Rocks

Merit Award: Vivian Hershfield, Oil, Orvieto, Italy

Honorable Mention: Nancy Wernersbach, Oil, Sunset Magnolia Pier

Honorable Mention: Cathy Hammerquist, Acrylic, Sunset Sailing

Save the date for artwork removal: Saturday 11/04, 11-12


Save the Date, November 18th, for a Workshop with Kirk Larsen


The Art League of Nassau County is pleased to announce a workshop with Long Island Artist, Kirk Larsen. Larsen will instruct in Exploring Techniques of Light and Color in Painting a Landscape in Oil. The workshop will take place this November 18th. Stay tuned for more details.


Let’s Get 3-Dimensional

By Tim Savage

Early in my art direction career, I became intrigued with paper sculpture illustration. Artists were using constructions of colored paper to illustrate their themes. I found the method captivating. When the opportunity arose, I hired one of best practitioners in the field, Ray Ameijide, to illustrate a project I was art directing for IBM.

(photo of “paper tigers”) 

I set about using paper construction in my own artwork.

All I needed was my imagination, watercolor paper, an Exacto Knife, Elmers Glue, scraps of colored paper, and found objects. When wet, watercolor paper can be molded into a multitude of shapes. Shape a piece with the Exacto blade, bend it and glue it in place and you have created a sturdy 3-dimensional form.

(photo of Claire Green’s piece) 

One of my first efforts was to give a gift to my in-laws? on the birth of their daughter, Claire Anna Green. I’ve always been interested in letter forms. I spelled out the child’s name in alphabet blocks in this 14” X 10” paper and found objects construction. The blocks are shaped with cardboard formed into blocks, then decorated with cut and painted paper, cotton, painted paper mache, and found objects. I drew the floor, then added some jacks, for fun!

The following are some of the 3-dimensional pieces that I have created. My advice to our readers is to give this a try and have some fun in 3 dimensions! 

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