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ALNC Holiday Dinner Party at Cala Luna, Mineola!

Thursday, December 1st, 2022, at 7:00 PM. Cala Luna restaurant, 149 Mineola Blvd., Mineola 11050.

Note: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and the upcoming holiday season, our usual demonstration event has been replaced by our Holiday Dinner Party.

The Art League is throwing a party! Come celebrate! The League is closing out 2022 with a bang! Join your ALNC friends and bring along a friend or two. Enjoy a 3-course dinner at one of Long Island’s finest restaurants.


$50.00 per person. Guests of ALNC members welcome. Seating is limited, so reserve your spots today. Visit for registration and payment information.


About Cala Luna


Named after one of the most beautiful & secluded beaches in Sardinia, Cala Luna was born of the culinary union of Chef Orlando Garcia & his longtime teacher & partner, Nino Antuzzi. The hosts have created a menu that marries the Italian culinary influence of Sardinia with Latin tradition and a New American perspective. Cala Luna invites you to come indulge in good food, and drinks amongst friends.


President’s Message


By Vivian Hershfield, President


This year, in particular, I noticed the exceptional fall foliage. Driving on the Northern State Parkway, the trees are bright red and crimson with canopies turning yellow. 

I often think, "What a beautiful scene to paint," yet I don't. Why? That is the great question. I find I procrastinate — I really have trouble motivating myself.

Do you find this happens to you, too? Christopher Volpe addresses the problem in the following article which I want to share with you. 


Look Online


Pick a favorite contemporary artist and visit their website. Look up what galleries they are in and visit the websites of those galleries. Check out all the other work by other artists, pick one, and visit that artist’s website and gallery, and keep going. Stock your visual memory.


Look at Pictures on Your Phone

Scroll through the pictures on your phone. You may be different, but I have thousands of photos on my phone (stored in the “cloud” online, actually), and a good deal of them have something to do with art. Either these are images of places and scenes I thought would make a good painting, or they’re photos of my work or of other peoples’ paintings. I am constantly taking photos of things that interest me visually. Even if you’re not a rabid collector of raw material for paintings, you’ll probably find a photo of something you’d forgotten you did with someone, or on your own, and it’ll spark an idea for a painting.


Visit Museums

Actually, visit a local gallery or museum. Seriously, do this. Going out of your way to see other peoples’ work, famous and not so famous, in person, has so many benefits for an artist – there’s no substitute for how paintings affect you when you’re there and deducing how the work was made.



ALNC Workshop with Stephanie Navon Jacobson


Saturday, November 5th, 2022
10:00-2:00 PM
Shelter Rock Library, 165 Searingtown Road, Albertson

Fee: $40 for ALNC and SAL members, $60 non-members


Join your ALNC friends in an exciting half-day indoor workshop with accomplished artist and instructor, Stephanie Navon Jacobson. Stephanie is a print maker as well as accomplished artist in other mediums. She teaches at Saint John’s University, Great Neck Community Education, and the Art League of Long Island. For more information about Stephanie, visit


Visit the League website’s Workshop section for registration and additional information.


Freeport Membership Show


League members, family and friends gathered at the Freeport Library this past October 16th for our Fall Membership show reception. Awards were presented to the proud prize winners, and as an added benefit, show judge Tom Ruggio’s comments on the winning paintings were read as the artist received their awards. 



Demonstration Review


This past Friday, October 21, artist Michael Krasowitz demonstrated for the Art League of Nassau County at our Clinton Martin Community Center site. Michael provided the audience with an illustrated summary of the tracks he has taken in his artistic career. After his talk, he provided attendees with a hands-on experience in monoprinting.


 An early theme in his artistic career was aseptic writing. Michael would construct hieroglyphic like letter forms, shaped by what he felt was his subconscious. The effect of the letterform, like illustrations, was designed to elicit a subconscious effect on the viewer.  


In his current work, Michael has continued his exploration of abstract art, with non-representational patterns in vivid colors.


Michael invited the audience to gather around the front table as he assembled his mono printing materials. As he worked, he explained the materials he uses and the process he follows in creating a mono print. He demonstrated a print, then invited us to make a print on our own. Artists Tim Savage and Pat DeTulio gave it a try…with laudatory results! Finally, Michael created a stunning 23” X 30” print for raffle.


This reviewer found Michael to be an engaging and informative presenter. His recounting of his artistic career was interesting, engaging, and informative. He explained his mono printing technique in an easily understandable manner and provided us with an up close demonstration of how to do it. The evening was interesting, artistically exciting and fun!


The League’s thanks go out to Linda Shedlock, Program Chairperson, and Michael Krasowitz, artist and educator.



October Artist of the Month


Teresa Idelowitz
I paint in the impressionistic style using oil paints. I paint from photos I have taken, photos my friends share with me, and from sketches I do on site. I have been painting for so long; I cannot remember when I was not painting.

My work has been in many exhibitions, and I have won many awards. Currently, my paintings are often displayed at Barnes Gallery in Garden City, NY and The Catbird Seat in Sayville, NY. Also, people have commissioned me to do paintings from photographs of scenes and people that are dear to them.

Over the years, I studied with artists who are not only talented artists, but fine people as well; among them are Yukio Tashiro, Dan Slapo, Anahid Jangingian, Jack Hoffman, Joe Occhipinti, Don Huber, Bart De Ceglie, and Patrick Cusack.

You may see samples of my work at
You may contact me at 516-524-8260 or



Membership News


Tim Savage will be teaching watercolors and drawing at Great Neck Community Education during the winter semester. Watercolor classes are offered in-person at the Cumberland Avenue, Great Neck, location and online through Zoom. Drawing will be taught in-person at the school. For more information, contact Tim at

Tim’s travel journaling can be found online at